Studii şi Cercetări de Numismatică is the only numismatics publication of the Romanian Academy and was inaugurated in 1957 by an editorial committee including some of the most representative names in the field: academicians Constantin Moisil, Emil Condurachi, Octavian Iliescu, Bucur Mitrea and Constantin Preda. Since its first editions, it has established itself as one of the most prestigious numismatic publications in the world, gaining appreciation from both the scientific community and collectors. Owing to this fact, renowned specialists from abroad have published in its pages, the most eloquent example being Volume XI, published in 1997 and launched with great success at the International Numismatic Congress in Berlin.

Compared to the other Romanian publications in its field, the publication has the specific purpose of promoting large-scale studies regarding the Antiquity and the Middle Ages as a priority, with the encouragement of inter-disciplinary aspects, especially towards archaeological research, but also towards epigraphy, compositional analyses and art history. Studies of related disciplines (metrology, sigillography, heraldry) are also promoted, in accordance with the internationally agreed direction by the International Numismatic Council, but also through the development of a tradition, the publication of numismatic sources and debates on current scientific topics. Although the publication is open to universal numismatic subjects, the editorial policy aims to encourage themes specific to the Lower Danube area, such as those regarding Geto-Dacian or local medieval coins. It is also considered to encourage the publication of materials by doctoral students and beginning researchers, as well as by researchers from the Republic of Moldova, who have only one specialized publication, but which publishes only in the Russian language.

The inauguration in 2010 of the new series of the publication was determined by the amplification of collaboration between Romanian numismatists and those from other countries, through programs implemented under the auspices of the Romanian Academy. This collaboration includes a program of studies and communications, whose publication should be ensured with priority through the specialized periodical of the Romanian Academy, Studii şi Cercetări de Numismatică.


Dr. Eugen Nicolae, c.ş. I